Fully Auto Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument NE48

As a kind of fully-auto nucleic acid extraction instruments, NE48 is also by FDA and CE certified.

This fully automated nucleic acid extraction system is equipped with large touch screen and auto-ultraviolet disinfection module provide safer protection for the operators. 

With the rapid heating/cooling and excellent extraction performance. Fast mode only need 13 minutes. 

It brings the user-friendly operation and much convenience for the customer. Apart from this product, we also produce another kind of automated nucleic acid extractor, and it is very popular among customers, too.


  • Principle: Auto magnetic bead extraction
  • Number of magnetic rod: 48
  • Screen size: 9.2-inch
  • Dispensing volume: 20-1000ul
  • Extraction time: 10-30min
  • Sample: Type Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc

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