Fully Auto Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument NE96

NE96 with FDA and CE certified is a high throughput workstation for automated nucleic acid extraction, it can isolate and purify DNA&RNA, and viral nucleic acids such as SARS-CoV2 from a wide range of sample types using magnetic beads method reagent kit, effortlessly process up to 96 samples in less than one hour for utilization in microarray, sequencing and qPCR.


  • Principle: Auto magnetic bead extraction
  • Throughput: 1-96
  • Process volume: 20-1000ul
  • Operation interface: 10.4-inch touch screen
  • Number of magnetic rods: 96
  • Pollution control: UV sterilization
  • Extraction time: 10-30min
  • Sample: Type Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc.

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